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~ pemphigus vulgaris: a review of the literature and … - ‎robinson - cited by 99
treatment of ~ pemphigus vulgaris - ‎chrysomallis - cited by 70
~ pemphigus: long term behaviour and clinical … - ‎mignogna - cited by 42

~ pemphigus treatment
potent topical steroids are used to control ~ pemphigus vulgaris, just as these are used to treat and control other mucosal diseases such as lichen planus, mucous membrane pemphigoid, and lupus. ...

both medical and dental teams are needed for treatment of the patient with ~ pemphigus vulgaris.
~ pemphigus vulgaris - registered dental hygienist - rdh magazine


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treatment for pemphigoid - pemphigus pemphigoid foundation
pemphigoid. there are similarities in the management of bp and pemphigus vulgaris in that systemic steroids are the mainstay of therapy. in patients with extensive disease, other immunosuppressive agents, such as azathioprine, mycophenolate mofetil, and rarely cyclophosphamide, can be added as steroid-sparing agents.
pemphigus vulgaris clinical presentation: history, physical, causes
aug 12, 2016 - mucous membranes. intact bullae are rare in the mouth. ...

the mucous membranes most often affected in pemphigus vulgaris are those of the ~ cavity, which is involved in almost all patients with pemphigus vulgaris and sometimes is the only area involved.
~ pemphigus vulgaris - registered dental hygienist - rdh magazine

by rdh nancy burkhart - ‎related articles
clinical impressions: as you begin your ~ assessment, you note the buccal mucosa and gingiva ...

early treatment is crucial in controlling pemphigus vulgaris.
treatment of ~ pemphigus vulgaris. - ncbi
national center for biotechnology information
by f chrysomallis - ‎1994 - ‎cited by 70 - ‎related articles
int j dermatol. 1994 nov;33(11):803-7. treatment of ~ pemphigus vulgaris. chrysomallis f(1), ioannides d, teknetzis a, panagiotidou d, minas a.
the management of ~ pemphigus vulgaris with systemic ...

- ncbi
national center for biotechnology information
by a azizi - ‎2008 - ‎cited by 5 - ‎related articles
may 15, 2008 - conclusions. the use of dapsone in combination with systemic corticosteroids is a useful method for treatment of ~ pemphigus.
treatment strategies in mucous membrane pemphigoid - ncbi

national center for biotechnology information
mucous membrane pemphigoid (mmp) is an autoimmune blistering disorder ...

.. successful treatment of ~ lesions has been reported with the use of topical ...

pemphigus vulgaris dermnet new zealand
dermnet nz
common features of ~ mucosal pemphigus include: ...

the primary aim of treatment is to decrease blister formation, prevent infections and promote healing of ...

~ blistering diseases dermnet new zealand
dermnet nz
there are two main types of pemphigus than cause mucosal lesions: ...

~ vesicles (small blisters) are rarely seen intact as they break down ...

treatment depends on the extent and severity of the skin and/or mucous membrane disease.
guidelines for the management of pemphigus vulgaris - british ...


british association of dermatologists
by ke harman - ‎2003 - ‎cited by 248 - ‎related articles
89% in ~ biopsies compared with 85% for iif.16. baseline investigations. the following investigations are suggested prior to commencing treatment: biopsy ...

the management of ~ pemphigus vulgaris with systemic ...

dentistry.tbzmed.ac › home › vol 2, no 1 (2008)
by a azizi - ‎2008 - ‎cited by 5 - ‎related articles
it is common for the ~ lesions to be present up to 4 months before the skin lesions appear. if treatment is instituted during this time, the disease is easier to ...

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~ pemphigoid treatment

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