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mucous membrane pemphigoid (mmp) is a group of rare chronic autoimmune disorders characterized by blistering lesions that primarily affect the various mucous membranes of the body. the mucous membranes of the mouth and eyes are most often affected. ...

blistering lesions eventually heal, sometimes with scarring.
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mucous membrane pemphigoid (mmp) is an autoimmune blistering disorder that ...

.. topical therapy of mmp involving the ~ mucosa can be augmented with ...

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mucous membrane pemphigoid is an autoimmune disease that is characterised by blistering lesions on mucous membranes. ...

sometimes the skin may also be involved where blistering lesions can be found on the face, neck and scalp. mucous membrane pemphigoid is also called cicatricial pemphigoid or ~ pemphigoid.
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apr 7, 2016 - mucous membrane pemphigoid (mmp) is a rare, chronic, ...

the treatment of mmp, particularly mmp involving the ~ cavity, will be reviewed ...

successful treatment of mucous membrane pemphigoid with ...

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nov 1, 2006 - etanercept may be an effective treatment option for mmp of the ~ and ocular mucous membranes. this therapy should be considered as an ...

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british association of dermatologists
other names include cicatricial pemphigoid, ~ pemphigoid and ocular ...

written to help you understand more about mucous membrane pemphigoid. ...

active pemphigoid in the eye will usually appear as a red eye and if not treated may lead ...

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“ann” is a maintenance patient that you have treated for the past year, and her last recall was a ...

diagnosis: mucous membrane pemphigoid (benign mucous membrane ...

approximately 85 percent of patients with mmp have ~ involvement.
a guide to clinical differential diagnosis of ~ mucosal lesions ...

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with aggressive treatment, the disease can often be managed successfully, but ...

mucous membrane pemphigoid involves primarily ~ mucosa, but mucosa of ...

pemphigoid information pemphigoid causes pemphigoid research ...

6 days ago - scar formation in mucous membrane pemphigoid can lead to major disability (g). ...

much as 25-30% in moderate to severe pemphigus even on therapy (hh). ...

(r) mucosal (~, ocular, genital) involvement is also sometimes ...

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mar 19, 2013 - skin problems and treatments ...

mucous membrane pemphigoid (mmp) is a group of rare chronic autoimmune disorders characterized by blistering ...

the mucous membranes of the mouth and eyes are most often affected.
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